Final Decision: CCA or Pratt?

Hello all,
I recently got accepted to the Design Management MPS program at Pratt and am trying to decide whether to go there or the Design MBA program at CCA… Please, if anyone has any info about which program is more reputable, I would really appreciate your input before the final deadline on May 1st. I have been looking a lot online and have found only few mixed reviews on Pratt’s DM program; i have been able to find more details from CCA’s site but am still unsure which to pick as both curricula are similar.

A bit of background about myself; I completed an Honours BA degree at the University of Toronto in 2010, with a double major in Architecture & Middle Eastern Studies. Since then, I’ve been working in architecture, design and wayfinding firms mainly in the Middle East. I now want to learn more of the ‘business side’ of design and be involved in managing projects and leading creative teams/firms. I’m compelled to both programs and plan to stay in NYC during the course of the program, and commute to either Pratt or CCA given the flexibility of both courses.