Film Schools

Advice on choosing an art/film school versus a liberal arts college with a decent film program? Differences?

My grades aren’t good enough to get into the top tier like NYU, USC, Syracuse, Emerson, RISD etc.

What kind of reputation does Mass College of Art have? Know anything about a few other state schools like Montana State, Montclair State or Virginia Commonwealth?

MassArt is the only public art school in the US, though plenty of public universities have art schools or departments within them. Boston is a great location, and you may be able to take classes at Emerson. You should check out the University of Texas at Austin, which has a good film program (within their Film, Television, and Radio chool). It’s not quite the caliber of NYU or USC, but it seems to be on the up.

Thanks. 50,000 students is a bit intimidating… but the program looks well rounded.