Fillet problem in Rhino!

Hi guys,

I’m sure many of you have experienced filleting in Rhino 3.

Please could you share your solutions to building manual fillets? i.e. not using Solid > Fillet edge

Any tutorial links specifically for filleting would be great.


Sweep a circle around the edge you want to fillet (I believe the cirles diameter should be the fillet’s radius that you want). You may have to duplicate edges and merge them to get the sweep path you want. Then after you have that shape use it to split the surfaces you want to fillet or do a boolean difference, something like that.
Then after that you can do a blend surface for the fillet or a 2 rail sweep if you draw the arc that you want for the fillet, or network surface once you have those boundaries, many ways to skin that cat. Good luck.

Thanks Skinny.

This really makes sense. I’ll have a go and post some screen grabs.

Thanks again.


P.S. Have you had a go at Rhino 4 yet?

I’m having a problems filleting again. Can anyone help?

I’m not sure if I’m asking for the impossible - I want both fillets to smooth out to a flat.



P.S. How do I attach images to posts?

mr product,

There are always a numer of reasons why filleting doesn’t work in rhino. Sometines its your input geometry in which the radius may be 2 large to curve around an edge. In this case try using a smaller radius and try again.

Other times your surfaces dont meet or the over lap of they are just bad.
simple ways to check this is when you click on the edge to fillet, if two edges appear for selection then you know something is wrong. other ways is to join the surfaces to see if they join up and the edge is nice. other ways is to use the analysis tools to check to naked edges and the sort.

if your sure everything is fine with the edges you still may have a problem with the surface. The surface itself may be fine but the way you have constructed it will make trimming the edges of the fillet impossible.

Doing fillets manually wont help this either becuse you will need to trim the surface after the sweep and you wont be able to trim.

SO… either rebuild the surface better (i have no idea what your surface looks like so i cant help you with that) or export the file as a step or iges into a solid modeller like proE or SW and fillet there.

good luck