Filipino Designers

Are we known as designers or are we just extras in this world? I try to ask that everytime i go to school… Our country’s not known except for its excessive crime, pollution, terrorism, etc. I need your opinions… do you guys know some filipino designers? please don’t flame me… :laughing:

yeah your country’s in a mess. No one wants to have anything to do with you guys. filipino designers? i know none. maybe there are tons of craftsmen.

There are some really good filipino industrial designers and architects - most just don’t work in the philippines because opportinity’s greater in the US and Europe. As far as US born filipino designers, we’re everywhere -- and usually near the top of your design class.
In design, as well as engineering, most come to the US to get degrees from an american university, even if they have one already. And my architect cousin in the islands does most of his work consulting in the US and Central America, then flies back when the project’s done - the money’s just better elsewhere if you’re talented and have the opportunity.
Most from the philippines are civil, mechanical, chemical engineers, and doctors, well known professions that have higher employment and pay rates on average, that also give you a better chance of getting admitted to the US.

yea man, deffinately there is a place for all races in design…but i have seen it first hand that when you are of a certain race you get a lil boost. not a problem it can drive you to work even harder. I am half Mexican, and it is tough sometimes. asfar as philipino i have friends that are, but not in design. sorry, cant help you there, but i know how it is to be a minority in the design field.

Most of the good Filipino designers work in the film-digital-animation-game area. They are some of the best in the world. A lot of the animated movies from disney were drawn out by Filipinos. Though there are not that many industrial designers, a lot of them are architects, interior designers, and graphic designers. You would be surprised how many of them are in North America.