File Transfer

Hi All,

My name is Matt Smith - I’m a long time admirer of Core 77 and am new to the boards.

I am the digital development manager for the barefoot brand VIVOBAREFOOT.

I am currently implementing a file sharing system allowing for UK and China to trade 3D files, directly making changes to files, as oppose to tracing illustrator line work over 3D files.

We attempted to set-up dropbox with our China office to allow this to be possible, however, it was swiftly blocked by the Chinese Govt.

Does anyone know of a file sharing system, similar to dropbox, which may help with this issue?

Look forward to hearing from you guys,



Google Drive?

A customer of ours used for that kind of application.
No idea, if it is legal in China, if you at least avoid the term “Ferrari” in
your file descriptions.


Dropsend, CX, YouSendIt, just a few others with similar features. Don’t know if they are blocked in China though.

Wow, brilliant - thanks very much for the help guys.

I’ll be investigating which solution is the best option and I’ll let you know for your own future reference!


please friends help me about this file transfer. how can i transfer a file through web…?

Matt - you’ll find it easy to map an FTP drive among various locations…then they are secure, hold files in a single location and allow users to access and store files of all sizes (when given proper authorization).

We use Dropbox quite a bit but often find its spotty in the Far East (not just China). FTP allows a direct connection which has never been a problem for us.

I use Dropbox and an FTP that I’ve mapped and prefer the FTP method since it seems to act more like a windows folder with no application running int he background, but how hard is it though to setup the FTP server (this one was already set up when i got it)? One thing I do like about Dropbox is that on files that it’s updating, it uploads so fast and I think it’s because it only updates the changed parts of the file and not the entire thing.

An IT person can handle it quickly, but I think you can do it yourself as well (if I remember correctly, Windows walks you through it) then once the FTP is mapped, it’s always active as long as the server is up.

I live in China and download files all the time from my UK based company. I’ve tried several options including the ones mentioned above. Wetransfer is by far the easiest and most reliable I find.

A VPN is great but useless when you want to pass the link to your factory or vendor.

Hope this helps!

My office use Wetransfer if its one time things that need to go quickly.

Otherwise an FTP with long term manufacturers, works 98% of the time.


In case anyone needs an update…as Mr-914 said, QQ file transfer is the fastest and most reliable for sending files. HOWEVER, QQ is known to be lax in their security and I personally know of many colleagues whose QQ accounts were hacked.

Nonetheless, QQ is your best bet as wetransfer, Google Drive, and many others have all been blocked. VPNs will also often be blocked, so if there’s anything that you need to send in a hurry, don’t let VPN be your only option.

I’m in China right now and having these problems. They can download a VPN program to open up some things like dropbox. Try Hotspot Shield.

I was just in China last week and used VyprVPN.
It worked pretty well and fast.

I am using TeamDrive,
It is a great alternative to DropBox and lets you add multiple shared folders with different members.
It is free up to a 10Gb storage limit.

In China you should only try domestic sharing host like QQ, Sino. Google is blocked in this country. :-s

QQ has a great file transfer feature. I think we used to use sendthisfile too. Basecamp also seemed to work, but I haven’t tried it in 3-4 years, so I don’t know if it is still un-blocked.