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Hello , my friends !
Here’s one shoe that was about to mix tennis and running functions . It purpose was to be for the KG’s team concept , but in the end it was all one side project . Anyway , it’s still unfinished (the initial sketches and details on the shoe are still just on papper ,I’ll try to post them as soon as I can ) but I just wanted to share what is ready (at least digital ) for now because it the gets a bit dusty .
About the shoe itself - the main idea is to combine light and tight forefoot support (running / tennis ) with system of moveble eyelets , situated in an overlayed silicon channels on a silicon whole shoe plate ; extending allowed laces , using а screw system to connect its separated parts ; minimum outsole pieces for max lightweight . It also allows customizing the ride according to clients needs in the moment by choosing suggested by the manufacturer , or creating , a new lacing schemes . It’s all on the details pappers so I’ll post as soon as possible so the shoe will have its final face . Anyway , all comments and critiques are well expected ! Ole !

hi zdelar,

I think the renders as a visual are great.

If i was you i would work a little more on the lacing, it comes so low that it would probably sit directly above the metatarsal heads and would maybe be umcomfortable during dynamic manouvers/ foot flexion

The counter may also want working on.

what sport is the shoe designed for?

stability of the midfoot looks good

I love the rendering stryl and layout.

I’m not to sure about a hard TPU plate going over the entire quarter area. I think it would not be so good for flex. The most you would probably want to do is like the old Nike Presto Gym designed by Mr Robert Dolan (one of the best)

Some other good references:

Also it looks like your heel hight is way higher that the top of your eystay which makes it look a little funny.

Awesome rendering though. The design has a good feel to it, a little messaging and you are good to go.

kinda looks like the kukini IMO, but awesome work nonetheless.

very tight vents!!! the lacing could be thinner and perhaps should extend further up the shoe…sweet rendering of the outsole!

Hey, my friends , thanks for the reply !
yo : Flexibility aspect I took from the bottom of the shoe .I cutted the midsole and the wrap around silicon plate , so I think it will have better flexability in the forefoot .
Ade :Thanks,man !
… here’s the whole stuuf around the shoe , as I promise . All the feedback and critiques are welcomed . Ole !

My mistake if some of the text is not readable , I guess I choose a wrong format to present the thing .

great process sketches. very clear showing your thought, use and a range of solutions.

are you a working footwear designer now in the industry?


I agree: there are a lot of great designs in that top part. Good stuff!

I musta agree too.VERY interesting process sketches.Zdelar, fella great improving of your skills.Keep it up!

Yeah , Southsidah, what’s up man ?! I still didn’t respond to your last mail, man, sorry , I will soon !
Richard : Nope , not yet , but I hope it will be soon !
Yo: Thanks , man !

sorry to see the outcome on KG. I voted for ya!

Just goes to show that design process and skills arent everything. Ive been watching the KG compeitions a while now, and do feel the winners seem to always go one direction in style.

guess thats design vs. target market for ya.

keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing your next project.


Richard , I appreciate your vote , thanks a lot ! I look forward to my next project too , he-he ! Ole !

Vents, are doing footwear somewhere full time now? If not, man, whats the hold up? :confused: