Fighting with the ally

Quoting from Core’s front page:

“Culture jamming here: this person designs beautiful posters etc. that they use to completely mask advertisements in phone booths, subways, etc. Good video of the process, and the results.”

I have nothing against pasting over advertisements on private propery (ie phonebooth). Especially when I’ve paid to a degree for that private property to be there (I’ve used public phones, but I still have to look at that ad after I drop my quarter in). Some of this ‘work’ on public property however, denigrates my ethics.

Public transportation, especially in crowded urban centres like NYC, are critically important lifelines of transportation. Moreover, they are a socially-conscience alternative to polluting and anti-pedestrian automobiles. Unfortunately, transportation systems are incredibly expensive! Personally, I think subways and buses should be free to ride, but of course they all have small fares to supplement government funds. They also rely on advertising.

I don’t like the advertising on the metro anymore than anyone else. I would love to see it disappear. I hate it even more though when my fare increases (which it has 3 times in 2 years). This is why I recognize this advertising not entirely as nuissance, but a positive private contribution to my urban environment. This person, by blocking those advertisements, takes away some of the appeal advertisers have in buying space on subways and in stations. If the advertisers lose interest, that may mean reduced funds for the system, and higher fares. This why I’m a bit offended that Steve.Portugal would post an article promoting such anti-social behaviour.

Someone at Core…please read this and next time, think about the potential consequences to your site’s actions.

On the same note btw: I try to remove non-paying advertisements which are slipped onto metro cars every time I have the chance, although I haven’t made my mind up about anti-capitalist propoganda that is well written. I leave that.

Interesting point about the expense of public transportation-- however if you read the artist’s explanation of his actions, maybe you’ll see where he’s coming from.

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[quote=“Mr-914”]This why I’m a bit offended that Steve.Portugal would post an article promoting such anti-social behaviour.

Someone at Core…please read this and next time, think about the potential consequences to your site’s actions.

By the way, it’s Portigal, not Portugal. But guess what - I’m not offended that you didn’t get my name right. Even though all you had to do was cut and paste.

I think one of the important benefits of this discussion board and the blog is that they are part of a dialogue. It’s fairly obvious to me (but I guess not to you) that a blog posting isn’t an endorsement or a promotion, but simply creating awareness. I didn’t tell you what I thought about it, or what you should think about it, I simpy put it out there for your own engagement.

I think the website I posted about is certainly controversial and it’s great you have thought about the issues of advertising and public space in such depth, and are able to articulate them. That makes this board valuable. Even if not everyone agrees - the act of challenging someone else’s point of view is something that is stimulating and educational. IMHO, natch.

But I think any suggestion of “don’t talk about this because I don’t agree with it” is ridiculous, and rather presumptive.

I apologize for misspelling your name Mr. Portigal. I think names are important things to spell correctly, and I thought I had remembered your name correctly after seeing it many times on the blog.

I also apologize for trying to force an opinion on your decision to post this web site. Instead, thank you for bringing it to our attention so that we could discuss it.

Lastly, I read the article that fueledbycoffee pointed out. I understand the artist’s intention, and I share his disdain for advertiser’s unilateral control of our public space. But, I think there is a more positive way to focus that energy, and I think this person should think of the possible victims of their work.

are you serious? i once had to ride the bart in SF and it was really gross. the bums had urinated all over the place and threw up on the seats and the floors.

…words like “your public space” sound righteous especially when coupled with such nice posters.

why not just call it “graffiti”, like it is?

do you know if he advertises his name or website on his posters, or if like a tag or piece it contains elements of identity in the printing, design, iconography?

I don’t mean to flog a dead horse here, but I wanted to respond to the last two posts.

  1. I have never rode BART, but here in Montreal, I have no encountered any vomit on the trains. Now, in the stations…

  2. I wish this person would hold off on their righteous actions for a few days and redesign their website. I found it difficult to use, and am still confused over what message they are trying to send. From what I could tell though, their posters do not have any info on them that could be traced to them or their website.

canadian bums are weird.

hehe. The bums here normally hang out right near the doors to the subway. I’m not sure if they just don’t want to spend the $1.50 for a ticket, or if they get kicked out of the stations. Only once have I seen vomit in a subway station here. It was pretty fresh and right near the door. I think a young homeless man had drunk a bit too much by the looks of the bottle-in-paper-bag that was lying close to the spot.

that’s a classic.


lets compare homeless Americans and homeless Canadians vomit, urine and bowel movements.


sounds like the next trend.

Did you see the Olympics or what

the divers - i mean covert - ad covered divers —