Field of design?

I’m interested in going into design…which has the most potential for sucess?

Graphic design, ID, Architecture etc…?

Potential for success? That’s a vague term. What is success to you?

To me success wud be sum1 like Johnathan Ives (designer of the year).

Based on your criteria, here are your potentials for success:

Architect = Architect of the year
Graphic Designer = Graphic Designer of the year
Industrial Designer = Industrial Designer of the year

But if you’re shooting for the MAXIMUM FAME POTENTIAL within design, fashion-design is the obvious choice.

Everyone knows Hugo Boss, Ralph Loren, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, or Calvin Klein by name, but not many people could name a single graphic designer or industrial designer. Of course, those people also own their own companies, so the brand = them.

'nuff said, as they say.
good one cg!

Sometimes I wonder if these posts are for real
I haven’t seen this one yet though…
“Design school starts tomorrow, what should I wear?”

When I studied biology I kept meeting people who were only interested in biology to become a doctor and make money.

Doesn’t anyone care about the actual occupation anymore?

Thankfully the rest of this forum eases my heart.


Ive got a massive passion for design, and i do not wanna be 1 of the vast majority of individuals who wake up every morning saying “bloody hell, its time for work…again”. I wanna be the best I can be at what I consider what I’m good at, and that involves being recognised within the industry for my talent. And the fact is there are a lot of talented individuals who have a great deal of experience within the indistry on this website which can provide me with valuable information.
So dont reply if you dont like what you are reading just close your eyes.

I don’t even think your question is valid. Most potential to be successful? What?

If you aren’t competitive then you will fail no matter where you go, even if that means picking cans for recycling.

Ask yourself if you will be successful. This is not a question that anyone can answer for you.

Ever seen Requiem for a Dream? If not, I suggest it. Not for the focus on drugs, but because of the mother’s obsession to be recognized on television, and for the general public to love her.

So, you think that the only way to be a successful designer is to be awarded and have your designs grave the glossy pages of trade magazine? I must emphatically disagree. I don’t have any more respect for the designer that did some crazy Sony CD-player than the designer that created new plyers for sale at WalMart. It’s all the same. The glory comes from knowing that you (the designer) created the best design in accordance to the given parameters. Anyone can do a crazy-looking car rendering, or a funky cell-phone. That’s school stuff. The real challenge is making a product function well, look great and at a good manufactured price. That’s a serious challenge and unfortunately something not stressed in many of today’s design curriculums.

I would seriously readdress your definitions of success before you explore any of these careers further. If you are waiting for when the entire design community bows at your feet praising you, you’ll be sadly waiting for a long time.

Lay your cards on the table. Give us a link.

Let us marvel at the potential.


Well, with that attitude, you’re not going anywhere.

Design is not about recognition. I (and probably most other people here) are professional designers because we have a passion for creating new product that people have a use for and in some way or another improve their quality of life. If you always keep that in mind, “success” as you define it will follow. Design for recognition is a thing of the past, and to tell you the truth, for the most part I have no real respect for the “big name” people of the industry.

I suggest you do some reading and pick up the book “Citizen Designer”.

On a positive note…
and referring back to the original question…

If you are passionate about design in general, what is it that makes you feel that way? Write this down and then do some research - see where you spend most of your time.

Namouth mentioned “potential for sucess”…
If you are talking about “accomplishment”, then we are having an interesting conversation.
To me, that means breaking ground in the industry. Not relying on patrons.

Graphic design, ID, and Architecture are very different occupations though they share the same basic theory.

Like any business, the quality of your future could range from sweatshop to dreamjob. (Or a combination of the two)

Graphic design is broad. Everyone knows what that is and most people can use it. As for accomplished, try to google Paul Rand or Tibor Kalman.

Industrial Design is very competitive and entrepreneurial.
Apparently there are steady careers in this field but I have to say it’s pretty exciting to work with people who have they keys to the factory. I believe this is the future of industrial design.

Architecture is very light and texture oriented.
Dream projects = lots of politics.

Then there are the “related fields” like publishing design books, opening boutiques or hosting conferences and things like that.

Just remember, if everyone who loves design had a design job, who would hire designers?

Best of luck,

By the way, is it Ive or Ives?

It should be noted that being a designer is still a JOB. A lot of people get themselves into this profession thinking that it will be something that it is not. You still have to wake up, commute, and sit in an office for 50+ hours a week. Yes, it is a really great job (in my opinion) but it is still a job.

Other than that- life is good.


A> you shouldn’t ask for advice, and then jump all over people when they give it to you, bad form man. This is an open forum and you are going to have to take everything you read with a grain of salt. As you said, if you don’t like it close your eyes, hopefully you’ll try to learn from it first though.

B> best path to true success in any field is as follows, these seem obvious but i think you could use them … you might want to take notes there young one:

…step 1. follow you’re heart and don’t worry about conventionality, if you want to do graphics, being a successful fashion designer may not make you happy.
…step 2 work your ass off
…step 3 find good mentors and role models
…step 4 work your ass off some more
…step 5 network like crazy, try not to piss people off, while staying genuine and honest
…step 6 work your ass off continually
…step 7 when you are acknowledged for your work, emphasize everyone that helped you, this will make you a bigger star.
…step 8 keep working your ass off
…step 9 pass on what you have learned

C> there are truck loads of fashion designers you’ve never heard of, many of whom do the actual design work at Hugo Boss, Polo, et all

D> as you said there are a lot of talented people in here, a lot of posters include a link to their personal site (as I have) if you claim to be uber talent, put up. as my Moma alway said, poop or get off the pot their buddy.

Just a few points of advice, they may not make me popular but that is pretty over-rated.


Thanks a lot Yo I really appreciate the advice :smiley:.

I know I was out of bounds in the earliar post and I am sorry…its just that I am very amitious and take my ambitions very seriously.

Thanks to everyone who posted, you guys helped me a great deal :slight_smile:.

No prob bob.

Best of luck figuring it out. Remember, work hard, it’s a tough field, but hugely personally rewarding.

I too am trying to find my way in design. I have been debating between interior design and industrial desing. i’ve been keen on industrial design since i was 14.

I studied archietcture for 2 yrs. If you want to be a designer be very weary of architecture in my opinion. Most Architects end up doing boring office jobs and drafting work. Ie they don’t ge the chance to be designers. I am however contemplating studying architecture if i cannot get into ID in gatech. My plan: study architecture and focus on the interior design side of things when i get out. I’m hoping taking this path would give me more scope, better knowledge, more education whilst allowing me to concentrate more on the design side of this field.

Though I think perhaps you phrased things a bit wrong, ie people took you to be perhaps a big full of yourself, I could see where you were coming from. I feel almost the same way as you do. The point is to the best of my knowledge in almsot any design field you will slave your ass off, and you will not make the money of a doctor or lawyer, and most designers never reach stardom but this is balanced out by the fact that if you have a true passion for design you get to be a designer.