fiber optics - where to get?

I’m designing a lamp with fiber optics threads.
any idea where to get fiber optic threads? any on-line shop?
Or what I should not buy? (I’m pretty new to fiber optics so…)
(polymer fibers preferably… but glass would be OK for this prototype too)

I did find some stuff on thomasregister but I’d have to buy a bunch. So that’s why I’m lloking eslewhere.


try those science supply shops.
I think one big one is called fisher scientific.
(they sell beakers/test tubes as well as experimant and science education stuff.) I’m sure they have a fibre optic experiment kit.
The actual fibre optic cables used in communication/networking unfortunately won’t work for your application. (they do not transmit visible spectrums of light, or at least not bright enough)

just realized that if you do not need high “quality” optical grade fibre optics, just light transmitting material. you can use any transparent plastic fibre or rod.
Acrylic rod works great , it even bends light, also fishing line will do the trick.
Other wise just go to a store that sells tacky lamps and pick up one that has …wait Ikea has a lamp that has “optic fibre” that you can scavenge.


Thanks a lot! Great ideas.

I did experiment with monofilament / fishing line - and yeah it works OK for part of my prototype - but I wanted to have a bit brighter dots of light along the rims… so that’s why I was looking for optical fiber hoping I’ll get different and brigter light there.

Bet yeah, I don’t need hi-quality stuff - and so I’m out to IKEA scavening expedition right now.

go to:

type in fiber optic in search engine

it will list for you manufacturers of cable (glass & plastic) as well as all other related hardware (emitters, etc)

Besides the other great suggestions above, try on line hobby shops, eBay, and for suppliers . And no I am not affiliated with Thomas Register. Just use them a lot for searches.
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that should work…you can purchase smaller quantities…