Fewer studying design?

This may be a question more relevant for the Students forum but the working professionals here may have more accurate data on this.

I am hearing quite a bit lately about I.D. programs enrolment levels starting to slope downwards, shaping into a long-term trend with so many talented graduates unable to find stable, meaningful work.

Personally not seeing this in local schools yet but if so, I’d appreciate numbers and the experience of others in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and maybe Canada too.

What is this saying about the future of product design as we know it?


invasion of body snatchers- the millenium edition.

Enrollment is going up in the ID program at my school. (Columbia College, Chicago, IL)

yep. growing.

the school is thinking to limit id program to 40 students per year. the studio is getting crowded.

I’m at RIT.