Ferrari SUV

There is a factory lift kit available if you are serious about off-roading with it. :roll_eyes:

I really don’t get it!

Sports Utility Vehicle

It could have been worse?


ah, its NOT and SUV. Ferrari aren’t calling it an SUV, just the press are

I see in the news Ferrari is asking people to not call it a SUV. So… it’s a crossover? :thinking:

Really nothing to get. They are doing it to fill a market desire just like Aston Martin, RR, Bently, Lambrogini, Land Rover, Maybach, and all others that make really expensive SUVs (that would include almost every manufacturer)

Wow, Looks like Ferrari trying to follow Lamborghini, after seeing their success with Urus.

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I mean, Porsche started it with the Cayenne :rofl: … when did that come out? 20 years ago?

All are late comers compared to Porsche. And, way more expensive. I’m guessing that most end up as leases.

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Re: Aston-Martin, I read someplace that they needed the DBX to be able to continue as a brand - something with more mass appeal and relative utility than the 2-seater sports cars.

Agree with yo, could have been worse.

It is amazing how much brand plays into things of course. If someone said that was the new Infiniti FX45 I’d be like, “wow, that is fantastic!” … but it’s all relative. That said it was pretty inevitable this was going to happen and it does retain a lot of the visual cues from the current Ferrari models. If I was the kind of person to spend my money on a Ferrari it wouldn’t be an SUV, but clearly most of us in here are likely market outliers.

The category SUV stared out very rugged, muscular and sweaty. The great outdoors and exploring nature. Like so many terms that have been redefined via. the tech industry, now video gaming has matured as a sport, and the metaverse making strides with utility. SUV has morphed into a much more digital version of its previous self without losing the “sport or utility” descriptors. No more sweat or grime to wash off afterwards.