Fencing shoe... looking for a pair.

Looking for a fencing shoe, as I got a 15 lesson trail coming up soon.

There are a few out there but seem to bee hard to get.
Any ideas from the pro s out here what to look for? Suggestions?

Internet tells me Badminton (scuttle), volleyball shoes are good alternatives. I am also looking at some indoor soccer shoes.



I am doing the fencing course at the moment. It may look easy…it is not.
If some one is looking for a quick work out …go for it.
Matches range from 3 to 5 minutes.

Looking for my shoes I came in contact with a Dutch fencing equipment dealer that next to Adidas also has his own gear.

As he was looking at my portfolio he wondered if I was interested in designing (redesigning) his shoes. Series is small produced at a small factory in Eastern Europe.
Budget and numbers limit production possibilities. Fencing is not as popular as Football or soccer.

I will show some progress, as soon as I will be able to show it to the public.


Don’t know too much about fencing…I know adidas sells a few tho. (adidas “en guard”)…I know medial toe material should be able to take some good abuse. The fencing shoes I have seen seem to wear very quickly in that area.