Female designers that never learned to sketch:

I’ve been trying to recruit a female ID person with a decent background in plastics for several years (at a couple different companies). (I think this was the original topic…) No luck. At this point I DON’T CARE if she can sketch a straight line!!

One of the complaints we hear from our customers (ie. Target) is they have a predominatly female guest visiting their stores buying stuff that looks like it was designed by a bunch of guys FOR a bunch of guys. They’re right!! Although it’s tough to “soften” some of the designs we develop it would be nice to try.

As far as sketching goes, we stopped showing sketches to customers years ago. We’ve spoiled them with computer generated photo-realistic rendering. The only person that evers sees a sketch is the designer. Thumbnails are all the further we go. Just enough to get the form defined. The details are developed in Solidworks (or the 3-D modeling program of choice).

It’s all about the deliverable. What do you need to show - and for whom? I’m personally embarassed to tell people that I’m a designer and that I don’t draw anymore. It’s just faster & easier to render designs on a computer. As Target says - Speed is Life.

agree with your thoughts - its all about what you show. i worked for years at BMW designworks and IDEO as a female designer and started knowing nothing… like we all do when fresh out of design school. it was up to me to learn and keep up to be kept among the best… i thought my sketching was horriffic when i started, but made sure i learnt from the best so i could communicate my intial ideas well and efficiently. thats what the sketching is for - to think, explore and communicate ideas, but its never a level i communicate to clients with. 2D photoshop renderings, or computer modified sketches is the only format i show them these days. (even though people always now comment on how well i sketch…)! This format helps clients to imagine above and beyond a sketch. beyond sketching i think its just as important to have a sound technical/engineering knowledge. otherwise… just how feasible are those beautiful sketches anyway ! …