Feild Craddock Website/Portfolio

Hey Everyone!

I’m finishing my sophomore year at Virginia Tech this spring and am putting the final touches on my website and portfolio. I would really appreciate it if you took a look, and gave me some feedback on both the site and the content (or whatever you want). There are currently some broken links that I’m aware of such as “download pdf” and “resume”, but those are coming very soon. If you notice any other bugs or errors please let me know. Thanks! I’m really looking forward to everyones opinion.

This is the Link: http://feildcraddockdesign.com

Your images load incredibly slowly. Have you tried Photoshop > Save for web? I’m on university internet that’s extremely fast, but this is taking me a while.

You should also read through your projects for minor typos/grammatical errors that may seem unprofessional. I.e. toothbrush: “duel mode” should be ‘dual’, leaf mincer ‘it’s hollow…’ should be ‘its’… Just little things that could irk some people.

Nice process through several of your ergonomic projects, sketches are good, models are great. Could use an ‘about me’ section to learn more about you, what you want to do, what your passions are, etc…

Thanks Julius! I’ll definitely give it a closer look for those typos. I like the idea of including an about me section too. As for the slow loading images, I’ve been using “save for web” in Photoshop, but at 100 quality. What setting do you think is best?


should not be any more than 80… just judge for your self as you adjust the quality number as what’s acceptable in the preview.

I’ve re-saved all the images to be smaller and split them up so they display correctly in iOS. Also, the link to the resume works as well as the link to download a pdf version of the portfolio.


Great display of your work. Didn’t realize you sat across the studio from me! Haha! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Dino. I really appreciate that, especially coming from you!

The portfolio itself is very nice. I’d like to see more work on the level of the Guitar Amp and the Toothbrush. I think the guitar amp images could be pushed further, they are a little flat. It is a nice design and it deserves to pop. The toothbrush images are nice, but the final form is a bit phallic. Maybe it is because it is always upright… these are things you need to deal with in client situations. This could be mitigated by breaking up the ball like surface. Also there are some seemingly arbitrary form decisions, like the shape of the on off switch. Why does it contradict the rest of the forms?

Your work and skill set are presented cleanly and the process communicates well. Although, there is one thing that leaves me hanging. On the toothbrush, the sketches/renderings trick me into believing the bottom is weighted and therefore is always standing. Then, at the end of the presentation you called out the hollow ball next to the rendering of it standing and I’m not sure where I’m going with this… but I think I needed to feel like the concept swayed one way or another.

Keep up the good work,

Awesome stuff here!