feel like giving a portfolio critique???

OK im gonna put myself in the firing range and ask for any feedback anyone has on my portfolio. Im guessing i need to put up more sketches and make it a bit more uniform but any feedback (as brutal as you want) on my designs and presentation would really help me out a lot.

thanks in advance!!

Aside from what you mentioned, no sketches no process…

Everything is “nice”… but I’m not getting any WOW factor.

On the Toaster for example, the extreme reflectivity essentially hides the design … the detail shots show very stock looking extruded buttons, a rectangular slider, and a blobby slider, neither of these relate too each other or the overall form of the toaster… I would rework the design to be more holistic. I’m sorry to blast you a bit, but take it to the next level.

I would do some market benchmarking:

Put your personality into it.

indeed, sketches and process are a must.

You obviously have a pretty good handle on CAD software but i think you should focus more in your portfolio on the thinking that went into the projects. the why.

in your aperture seating project, for example, im not really understanding what market its for, why there is storage, or what led you to the round solution.

I suggest you show more background on the projects and also some variety in the concept directions. it always nice to know what direction you didnt go as much as what direction you did, and why you decided what you did.

as you also point out, more consistency and graphic application would be nice too.