feedbacks for sketches and work

Hey guys, new to this discussion but have been constantly visiting this awesome website…
My name is Dennis Yu and I’m currently a third year student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. My focus is transportation design.

I wanted to use this opportunity to show people my recent works and most importantly any feedbacks is welcome because I need them to improve and think better.

my online portfolio is : [u]_****_[/u]

Here are some recent sketches if you can’t be bothered clicking into the link.

any feedback is welcome!

thank you,


All of your computer work has the same gestural quality. I’d like to see some variations in your work.
Maybe some tighter, more realistic work or some more detailed drawings.

Also, all of your sketches are really sketchy. Maybe some tighter sketch work to show you can do stuff outside the computer. Your perspective and construction is off on some of the interiors.

@ J6Studios: thanks for your comments! I only saw the comment now. I’m uploading some recent works, I hope they’ve improved from the previous ones! Although I’ll be taking your advices into consideration in my future works. any feedback is welcome thanks!

here some concept/illustration




some 3d modelling work as well…
its a concept bike for Quiksilver in the 2027
more images can be seen on Dennis Yu, MATD @ Pforzheim in Pforzheim, Germany

thanks again! feedbacks are appreciated

Hot sketches Deniz15

I like how they look sculpted rather than drawn. I keep telling myself I need to learn to draw and paint like that, but I still haven’t put the hours into it :confused:

thanks! put more hours in and you’ll see results :slight_smile:

here’s some more,

automotive + concept art
any feedbacks appreciated! thanks!

That Alfa is interesting. I think it would be a nice SAAB actually. The wrap around windscreen and sloping back give it the SAAB aero feel.

ahyeah… i get what you mean!

here’s a couple more and i hope they look more like what I try to represent :slight_smile:

and some interiors…