Feedback - Website & Portfolio

I’m an industrial design student who is trying to break into the industry. I recently learned Dreamweaver and built a website to promote myself a bit. I’m just looking for a little bit of feedback on things I could work on from you, professionals or students. Below is the URL to my website. Thanks in advance.

hey matt,

i just had a quick glance at your stuff and imo if you have a website, you should try to keep the guy looking at the website. you are linking your blog and the portfolio somewhere else, what complicates the process of giving one impression of what and how you do things.
and while i think you have some good thoughts brought into the stuff that you are showing in the portfolio, i can´t see where the endresult is coming from. show some more of the process. why does it look the way it does(the phone for example)

btw you are managing a small firm while studying?

hope that helps a little, keep it up

I agree that linking my portfolio and blog through my home page is a little armature-ish but I’m very new to building website so that is a problem I will address soon. I manage a print and display shop and go to school nights full-time. I survive on coffee. I just though having a domain under my name would look a little more professional than just directing them to

i am a student too, so you probably get more qualified answers from other people here soon,

in the meantime, i would suggest to finish your website first and keep the coroflot while doing that. you can send out the links to coroflot if you want to show somebody something right now, better than have him visit the homepage just to be redirected one click later.

i would definately add more about you on the website. cv and stuff for example.

something that has been said very often on this boards, is to drop the logo, you are a fresh designer, you don´t need that, but if you really want one, make it special

best thing to do is looking at the portfolio websites that have been posted on core, where you can see allready what people liked and what not.

kudos for the hard work you are doing!


I think this is one of those situations when it is probably better to ether go all out and set up a whole website or not do it at all.
Just your own URL does not a professional impression make.

I appreciate that you are coding this in Dreamweaver, however in a time where there are fantastic web templates available for free such as indexhibit or cargo collective, coding from scratch without any previous knowledge seems to be an unnecessary hard way to get your website up.
I’d recommend to go to Indexhibit or Cargo and just get inspired by what designers have put up.