feedback wanted !!

i have applied to many design firms with my portfolio but couldnt strike as of yet !!! :frowning: so, atlast, i put forth my portfolio to you all so that i can understand the problems in it and enhance it !! hey, guys, help me out !!!
my folio is on :arrow_right: U can also download it in .pdf format from the link on the homepage of the website or u can just browse through the website for details.

looking forward for some boosters…

First of… what field are you trying to get a job in? also where? having had experience with asian , european and american lifestyles and market, I know you can get away without any sketching ability what so ever in an indian market, as long as you know a 3D rendering software you are fine. But if you are looking for a job in the US, there is absoloutely no way you can get away with weak hand drawing skills. You should probably think about showing more conceptual development and 2d/3d sketching. Your phillips project is probably the closest of them all. Also, you might want to include bigger images of your thesis project. I am also in a similar situation as you.(job wise) Hope this helps. Good luck!

thanx sugandh. i m looking for an entry in an Industrial Design firm(especially in europe and u.k.) as an intern or industrial designer(though that is like a dream for me, sitting in India). In india, yes, i can get through any firm i want with the software skills and final design renderings. Dint know about the scenario abroad, so kind of confused. I shall surely upload my sketches and concept development process sketches on my portfolio.

hey guys, need more feedback…or rather screwing of my portfolio !!!