Feedback required on sketching,surfaces,rendering etc etc..

Pls give feedback…render medium - Photo inks and permanent markers…

basketball shoes

criticisms are most welcome…how i can improve further…what i have to work on etc etc

do them just in grayscale and try to emphasize depth, shape and curvature.

also, try using a template for a more pleasing overall shape. tracing isn’t cheating.

was trying to work on the form of whistles

A web cam’s form manipulation

Your forms are very simple, rigid and plain likewise some of the perspective is way off.

The dynamism and drama of the sketches also aren’t present.

Dont even bother rendering your sketches at the moment until you sort out line quality, line width and perspective. Colouring in a badly drawn sketch isn’t going to make it any better. Some of the best sketches i have ever seen is Carl Liu’s linework sketches of the PDA he did at Astro.

There is oodles and oodles of stuff to inspire you here. Yo and blaster to name a few. They have kindly uploaded tons of sketches look at them analyse them and attempt to re-create the magic. Also there are a alot of books out there Design Sketching, Comsic motors, Car liu Design book, Sketch to name a few as well as all scott robertsons.

Spend time drawing lots fo boxes in different angles, focusing on line weight quality likewise with elipses draw lots and lots of them, then just start drawing lots of different profiles and mould them to explore form.

will keep that in mind…thanks

Thes best bit of advice is something that cyberdemon kindly said to me when i posted stuff up a year ago:

Sketch at least 1-2 hours a day, and that means sketch not doodles.

Seriously best bit of advice ever given and wasn’t until i had drawn 20+ sketch pads worth of boxes, elipses, straight lines panning the width page, lots of binocluars 1 point perspective drawings 2 point perspective 3 point perspective, hover craft, cars etc… did it finally click get it, and as a result. . i am now back in final year of uni and my peers are amazed at the progress i have made, and probably one of the better ones on our course in terms of sketching skill.

That said i suck at rendering though lol.

One of the easiest pieces of advice to follow, yet people rarely do it.

volkswagen zeo concept[reference sketch]