Feedback? Please...

I posted this earlier but failed to get any feedback. So I will try again. I am looking for feedback from both students and professionals. Good or bad, I like it all. Thanks!

I like it. Not a graphics guy, so I’m no expert but compared to lots I’ve seen, pretty good. The posters are very nice, all of the work looks good. My only gripe is that grey scroll bar in the actual site design. That color says background to me, I want to click on the green and slide, not the grey.

Thanks skinny. I know what you mean about the scrollbar. It is something I thought about and talked myself into leaving. I will go back and change it because you are right. It is a background color. Thanks for the feedback!

Pimpin’ … I like the Gardiner art gallery flash site. The print work is also nice. The Lightwave video links were broken… maybe a problem on my end? I like the layout though - easy to navigate. I agree with the last comment about the scroll bar. Maybe you should swap the colors. Otherwise real nice!

Yeah. That LW link is a problem on my end. I wish I knew php better. Thanks for checking it out though. It’s good to get other’s ideas.