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Here it is

Added a concept for the upright printer that I was sketching.

That upright printer is really nice. Count me in as a fan. What did you render it in?

Cheers… I’ll add some more when I can. They’re all modelled with Solidworks and rendered with Maxwell.

Added some background work…

Agreed, I really like the toner light indicator. Your background work here and all the sketches you’ve shown in the “doodles” thread are quite out of the ordinary, very nice.

Love the process! I have been following this from the doodle thread as well, glad to see such a great result. Was this a personal project?

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah the 3 projects on my site are made up for the sake of improving my portfolio to try and get a job anywhere out of the UK. I think it’s better to make up your own as then you’re not limited by client specifications. Hopefully I’ll finish them within the next couple of months then I’ll start something else. Got a list of about 800 concepts but not enough time… travelling light with a laptop is handy, but slow for rendering!

Oh the power light… that was supposed to look like a kind of bullet trail whereby the power light has become lodged in the casing. There might be a branding tagline or product that suits that. Anyway… the feel of something fast and hi-tech if you know what I mean.

Comments withdrawn due to continuous changing of original post.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree that the sketches don’t appear to tie in well with the final concepts but these are meant as a means of expression, to explore all options. When considering development for manufacture I simplified things a bit but also tried to keep some of the initial aspects of the sketches… such as the feel of nature in this case. I’m not really into curvy-wurvy design for the sake of design. I took a look at your site and products, I’m not saying it’s curvy-wurvy design for the sake of design, but I don’t think we’re on the same wavelength maybe when it comes to aesthetics (apart from the branding/graphics of your page).

The Pirelli USB is meant to be dead flat. Just a hint of tyre tread but simple.

Also I think you’re missing the point with the ‘mill cut’ power button. The mill cut feature is the point of the design! It’s theoretically representing a trail of the power button being lodged in the casing… as if it’s flying at speed into the casing. So therefore the cut would match the profile of the button. The mill cut is meant as a contrast to the rest of the casing… cutting through the curvature and vent holes. I just haven’t sketched this hence why I’m saying the sketches don’t represent the final concepts that well in some cases.

Added a few more line renders.


I would like to know how i was added to you bulk mail “spam” which basically shows exactly what you have here. Plus the fact that i received the identical spam email twice within 3 minutes of each other. I did not sign up for anything requesting to be part of this.

Bad form.

Sorry for this crime that I have committed, I’m new to newsletter emails. You’ve shown me up good and proper here. What’s your email and I’ll remove it?

I am more curious on what software you used to obtain my email, and how it was obtained.

I don’t use software. Back in my youth when bulk emailing was seen as a lesser crime than rape and murder I would spend my days trawling the internet (usually the core77 listing and looking for victims AKA product design agencies to send my portfolio to. However since moving to France the 20-a-day bulk email limits have forced me to utilise newsletter software for the first time. In the process I have been lawless and ignored verification tick boxes stating that my recipients are only from opt-in forms. It also appears that I have managed to send the same email 3 times, maybe more, within 1 minute. I apologise for these actions but near starvation and desparation has forced me to come out of my shell and and connect with the world once again.

Well put.

Added a few more thoughts.

I don’t know if this is the best (public) place for someone to deal with spam email from a student or recent grad. We’ve all done our share of unsolicited contact based on scouring the web to find someone at a firm we wished we could work at.

Hi Will-

For the moment, I’m going to stay out of your email spam conversation, as it appears it was a simple mistake on your part. I certainly hope there wasn’t an attempt to gain emails illegally through the forums, but I certainly don’t have the ability to see that.

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That being said, if you continue to only post that you’ve updated your personal site, this thread will be removed.


What on Earth are you talking about? I’ve replied/bumped it to mention that I’ve added new images to this thread… not my site. There is dialogue going… I’ve replied to any comments. I can’t create comments from forum members myself. It’s also not my fault if the only dialogue is about Spam emails. I didn’t start that. There’s no benefit for me to pull anyone away from this forum to a Behance portfolio seeing as most of my work is here anyway.