Feedback Please

Hey everyone Im a senior Industrial Design student at Pratt could you please take a look at my work and tell me what you think. Is my work capable of getting me a job at a sneaker company?

Your link’s dead. Please repost if you want some feedback.

Here you go sorry about that.

make the address end in core username. The way you have it makes us go to our own page.

ok now this needs to work what do you think?

ok you…can but you should work on your drawings skills…that is key in the sneaker biz…use french curves and free hand… …pratice partice pratice…find someone who is really good at it tell them to help you …if you have the passion for it …you will be sucessful…passion is key.,…

porfolio is broad I think I like the backpack idea …I think…not pecfect…keep working on it…

good luck…

The Grasp backpack.

If the soles of the shoes are dirty won’t they leave two big footprint on the back of your shirt?