feedback on work so far..

While at school, It took me awhile to end up in industrial design as I switched areas od concentration twice! We just finished our first year of actual id and the stuff here are just selected works from the past semester. I know I have alot of time left at school, and I know this may not seem like alot, but I wanted to see what everyone thinks so far and hopefully get some constructive feedback. There aren’t any sketches or drawings yet, but those will be added shortly…


I am going to go ahead and say it and get it out of the way…We need to see more process. Sketches, Research, Usibility, etc…

Also I always tell ID students when designing pkg to think about how that package is going to be shipped. If you look at eggs currently I am pretty sure they are shipped on a pallet without a shipper. Even if they are put in a shipper (box) and then put on a pallet they still need to support the weight of another on top. I am not sure that the design that you propse can do that.

Over all the pictures look great and the lay out is not bad either. Can’t wait to see more!!

I’d show more process, and try to explain a little more about each project, even one sentence about why you designed it. What was the problem, what is your solution. If it’s a styling exercise, just say that.

I appreciate trying to do something different, but I have to agree with PackageID. You need to consider the “backend” of the system, especially with packaging. This is okay that you didn’t think of this, but it’s actually an area with plenty of room for innovation.

The coffee lid looks nice but again, what is the problem that is solves? Is it different for the sake of being different? Why did you design it that way. If the secondary opening was a bit larger it could allow access for sugar and cream and maybe to pull out a tea bag? That’s a reason, what’s your reason for the swooshy shape?

I think the idea of a flash drive from recycled parts is neat, but more details. What is recycled? Just the case? Can I upgrade the internals?

Good start, though, nice layouts and image quality. What year are you? Your core profile isn’t filled out…