feedback on some photoshop rendering

heres a drawing from my sketchbook that i scanned and photoshopped while at work…its my first time doing photoshop rendering, so i’d like to know what you people think. i had a hard time trying to get paths to look right for the linework, so i gave up.

any feedback would be much appreciated (im a student btw)

those shapes would explode off the page if you carefully removed the background with an eraser/brush to make it white (or whatever color you choose) - just so there is some contrast. then take a white brush and add the ‘white dot’ highlights, which always seemed to be so ridiculous to me, but always trick the eye into seeing the form in 3d.

looks a bit to atmospheric not really lifting off the page…as ‘TaylorWelden’ said. try darking up on edge to lift it from the page. Is the smog around the the bottom left meant to be exhaust fumes? looks a bit blurry at the moment

i was just messing around, i tried using stroked paths to outline the contours, but it ended up looking cartoony…is there a way to to stroke a path with a variable line weight?