Feedback on Portfolio Website

Hey everyone!
I updated my website not too long ago, and I wanted to see what you guys thought. My main goals with the site are to A) bring in freelance clients, and B) show my work to potential employers.

Any comments or critiques you have on the site or the projects themselves would be handy. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: added some eye candy

Maybe I can pose a more specific question, have any of you had luck with a kind of automated inquiry form? And if so, how did you implement it on your website?


One thing you might want to look into are more dynamic templates from companies like

Their templates are pretty nice. we actually used one as a starting point for this:

Direct portfolio feedback:

  • a small point, but your logo seems very large
  • Nike Citrus. Why would nike make that product, what does it have to do with Nike’s core mission of sport? Wouldn’t the overly tactile nature of the band take away from the need for tactility on the face, seems like it might be good to simplify? How would that band be made?
  • the projector project is stronger in my opinion, I would start with that one
  • helmet project is a nice form exploration project
  • Miss USA crown is a pretty bananas project, great to have something so differentiated in your portfolio. Good to end with it as it is memorable

Thanks Yo! That helps a lot. I’ve been looking into squarespace, and this could be the push I need to get a new site started. That Boom site is pretty sweet :slight_smile:

Very good points on the blind watch, I think this project may need some revisiting in the near future. The projector is my most recent project, so that should be first anyway.

I’ve been meaning to expand the helmet project to showcase more form development skills. I’m thinking that one could show off brand language as well over a family of products. Something like a helmet, shoes, sunglasses… maybe even come up with a sort of fitness tracking system… something to give the concepts a bit more interest.

I’ve kept the crown in my portfolio for a while now, and it sparks some pretty good stories about fashion industry divas :wink:

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a Squarespace website to geared more towards freelancing opposed to being just a portfolio site, let me know what you think:

I would like to have some feedback on my website:
(I’m new to website design, but I like formal and timeless layout.)