Feedback on online portfolio?

If any of you guys wanna give feedback on my online portfolio, go ahead.



Great sketches!

Your site layout is a bit disappointing compared to your content. Have you considered doing something a bit more discrete and lots less in your face?

PS: why does the home have a big X next it to…is it meant to represent a window-esq thing.

What do you mean by in your face layout.
Thanks for the compliment tho.


I meant ‘in your face’ - like being LOUD STYLE CUES THAT APPEAR TO DISTRACT FROM YOUR MAIN WORK…just like using CAPS in a forum message…not to nice is it?

A few things on your site do this.

  1. you large GO! thing in the middle of the screen covering up your lovely sketch. I’ve already come to your site why do I need to click enter to enter it…can’t it just appear in a functioning state?

  2. the oversized nature of all you web text.

  3. the big RED cross in the top right corner…etc

Imagine the guy you want to show your portfolio has a big 23" screen and your text now looks massive compared to other web sites…perhaps I’m being picky but your quality of work is disproportionate to your quality of your web layout.

Also on your contact page you have got email: SEND? eh? why not write it in there? also a real bug I can’t stand is when people have ‘page in construction’ or a link but it says yet to come. If you ain’t done your PDF portfolio don’t post up a link to it yet.

I hope this makes more sense.

I added a PDF to my website and sending it around the world, any body any comments to it??