Feedback on my website

Hey guys,

It would be great if you could have a quick look at my website and portfolio for some feedback.
Its still under some construction currently, but would still value your opinions.

For some reason if viewed on a Mac the fronts are embedded, however this is not the case when viewed on a PC. Any ideas how i can fix this?


25 views and no comments? Any one free to just give some pointers…?

On fonts: it looks like you’re using pretty simple type. Adobe Garamond shouldn’t be a problem. The only though I’d have as to why it’s not working, is that you aren’t using webfonts, and just using adobe garamond straight. In order for that to work users would have to have adobe garamond installed on their system. If they don’t it’ll default to something else. I have a hunch that adobe garamond isn’t a system font on PC. (most of the macs youre looking at likely have Adobe CS4 or 5 installed on them too, so i’m doubting it’s a system font on a plain mac as well)

The site itself isn’t bad. You misspelled the word recent as resent in the tea project. I’d go through and spellcheck everything. The biggest comment I’d have is that it doesn’t seem like the site is designed to take up the space of the page. It’s all kind of shoved into the left side, i’d try centering the projects on the page. I’m also not a fan of the garamond, but that’s just me.

Thanks, for the feedback. I’ll be makeing some changes soon!

Website looks fines. I’ll give some quick feedback on the site itself:

Very first project I clicked on, was coming soon? not a good way to start.

About me page could be more personable. Or better formatted

Clicking on your name should bring me back to the projects.

Re order Projects before About. Makes getting back to your project easier.

Blue periods after menu titles is distracting doesn’t tie into anything else on the page.

Two projects name Brew? almost thought it was a coding error.

Thanks for your helpful feedback. I’ve made a few amendments based on somethings you mentioned.