Feedback on my Portfolio

Hello All,
I have been trying to put things together for sometime now on my Coroflot portfolio and really just wanted some feedback on what you think could improve as well as what works. It feels like I’ve interviewed with just about every company in Chicago and while I do have freelance jobs from it, I would love to find that permanent design home. So I am doing everything to tighten up the image in which I present myself. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look

my portfolio

Why dont you design your own bike and apply the skills your learnt on the scot robinson dvd instead of just putting his bike on there.

i would respectfully suggest you use your own design for a bike… and apply robinson’s techniques to your own design. that will actually really help you solidify the techs he’s presenting.

and it just doesn’t look good to have that as a featured portfolio project. unless it’s really your own.

agreed. great rendering, but would be 10x better if it was your own design. maybe even do something else aside from a bike and apply the same technique.