feedback on my packaging idea

This is folding carton concept for a men’s shave cream / shave balm. This concept was derived from the union of a pentagon and a hexagon. One is a peppermint and one is a spearmint flavor. These two flavors conveyed a sort of a snowflake idea for the middle of the package

I’m a packaging engineer and just started messing around with some ideas. I would appreciate the feedback

to mess you around a bit–
: if your product is displayed in the supermarket/store, will there be wastage of shelf space ie:the items do not sit beside each other comfortably
: if your packaging is shipped, can it be stacked inside the shipping boxes, like on top of each other, granting that the top is slanted, would the product be ok? (or perhaps packing boxes would make them lie beside each other)…

This all depend on the height of the carton. My question is where is this going to be sold? The box looks to be a bit dark and doesn’t really communicate shaving gel to me. This could just be a graphic issue. I like the concept just do not know if it fits the product.

I also have to say that I do agree with Gemso about the shelf space. Do these cartons nest well on shelf? If not as you probably know shelf space is very expensive and no one likes to waste it.

I could see this in a store, I’m sure odder shapes have made it to market before, at least the hexagon would work in a straight line. The package feels/reads a lot like a cologne would.

As for shipping in a box, if you stack one upside down on the other, it looks like they would nest. vertically.

whats inside of it? is a canister? or a squeeze tube. I assume the balm is in a squeeze tube. that would make sense to have the slanted top, the thin end of the tube could fit up into the peak of the box, saving wasted interior space in the package.

The angle on the shave cream however seems less necessary to me. Are you planning on having a kiosk type display? (I apologize if I’m using the wrong package design terms here, maybe someone could educate us as to some of the correct terms). Are customers even going to see this angled top surface? For instance I imagine the product would need to be sitting flat on the base about 3 feet off the ground with no shelves located over it. If your product is located at Walmart or Target for instance, it will be somewhere in the middle of a tall shelving system with another shelf over top of it.

Will 250 grams of lotion take up almost the same amount of space as 250 grams of foam?

It sure does look cool though, I imagine if it was in the store, I would probably consider buying it.

Thanks guys for the response!

I have considered all of your questions…Regarding cube efficiency on shelf/in a shipper, the hexagon would be the most efficient (think of a honeycomb). The angled top flap would create some unnecessary headspace but, i really liked the design element (i think it gives the package some depth).

If I kept the angled top, they could be packed sideways vs. vertical…in a 2x3x2 orientation. They could interlock in this fashion. Provided that the tube or bottle used would not leak on their sides. I don’t see this being a problem.

Regarding the 250grams. This was sort of just a random number. This would be dictated by marketing.

In summation, I don’t think the pentagon in feasible. I would probably just make this brand a hexagon design throughout.