Feedback on my first shoe

Hello there,

My first post in core77. This is one of my first shoe renderings in Photoshop. I would appreciate some feedback; a harsh critique would be better than compliments, if any. :laughing:

Hey Alex-

Not bad for a first rendering. I’m assuming you want feedback on the rendering and not the design…???

The most important thing you need to remember when rendering a shoe is that you need to give the people/person you are presenting it to, an idea of what materials are on the shoe. Right now everything is reading as the same matte material. The best way to do that is actually use the materials your thinking of. This can be done by either finding material swatches on the internet or taking pictures of the materials if you are lucky enough to have them on hand, and placing them in the desired areas and shading them. The more realistic the shoes looks, the less amount guess work or explaining is necessary to sell the concept.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Welcome to core flores. For criticism on your rendering, you might want to move this to the sketch fu post.

Design wise, we need more info, what’s your objective? Whats the inspiration? What makes the shoe different? Tell is what youre trying to accomplish and we can be more specific with our advice.

yo Alex,

Glad you’ve started posting up here, welcome to the Core77 boards!

Not a bad start.

I am also assuming you want feedback on the rendering and not the design at this point.


I think draasch is right about the materials, BUT before you start worrying about the materials you need to address your lighting and shadows. Typically you want to use a consistent light source for everything within one page of a rendering. Currently it’s a little hard to tell where your light source is, this is compounded by a general lack of contrast in your shading.

You should also consider the rest of the page, do you use a shadow to ground them, are they floating. etc?

I’ll try to post something up for you.
Get those ciphers for me this weekend and then get back to your projects!


Hi Alex,

for a first try this is a rather good start. Perspective and proportions are well represented. If you are going
to specialise in restricted areas of design (like shoes f.e.) you might start to put samples into a materials library,
so that these are already there when needed.

yours mo-i

Thank you guys! Really appreciate the feedback. Actually, after this post I was adding material. Ill be working on it this week, before school takes over! I would post the updated one later, hopefully soon.

hmmm. and for the light source, I completely forgot. I would add some light and shadow as well. Thank You! (And of course! ill be all over rocking those ciphers)

and Bart, this was a pretty broad project for a sophomore class, but I have a process book explaining my target user and the concept of the shoe.

Basically a shoe for the young urban people out there that still want to look hip while having somewhat of a professional look. Colors may look deceiving at this point. :laughing:

But thanks guys! I would keep working on this shoe

pick one now! haha, you will either get roasted in the cyphers or get roasted on design critiques, i personally didnt mind the critique roasts as much :wink:

Stay out of photoshop for now. The proportions on this are good, but it is missing all of the construction and materials details that make it a shoe, in addition to being essentially a retro jordan tooling with a strap upper. Right now it doesn’t have a consumer story or any performance benefits. For this, your time is better spent thinking and sketching than rendering.

The rendering is the gravy that goes on top, but it’s not Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey, which would be the idea in this case. Bring me the ideas first, then the polish.