Feedback on my Coroflot samples?

Any opinions on whether my sample pages do anything for you? ( ) These are overview samples, unlike my hard copy portfolio, which is arranged by project. Any opinion on skill vs. project organization?

one thing that i noticed the most was that you have no actual projects up. its much easier to judge your work if we can see how you think through a project. i would say that you need work on your sketching skills. Your models all seem pretty good however.

yep. i think you should show the design PROCESS. it looks like you have some really nice solutions. good work. but you should show how you got there. the concepts, the ideas, the napkins from the resteraunt.

show a whole project, from concept thru those really nice final models.

LOG IN! LOG IN! it’s not that hard. so why do i always forget? is my post.

Thanks for the comments. It’s funny that it was mentioned my drawing needs work but not my models. That is the exact opposite of my usual response (in grad school). I had been told at one time that if a person reviewing your samples doesn’t like the end product, all the supporting work is almost moot, so I decided to show skillsets instead. It is interesting that the opinion here seems otherwise.

I have added a couple projects to my posted Coroflot portfolio that show more progression and are heavier on the sketching. They are more like what’s in my hard-copy portfolio. Does anyone have any further comment?

I see the sketches, but not necessarily a ‘story arc’…(I just picked up that term from a journalism prof at USC)

I don’t see how the sketches relate…they just sort of sit there…

I think I might re photograph the dinnerware. The in-use pic is dark and kind of wierd- is that a washing machine in the background?