Feedback on logo, please

I’m revising the logo for my company, A Blue
Moon Arts.
You can see it at .
There are 3 options. Each one is shown in single-color / black and white, and in at least one full-color version.

Which of the options do you like best?

Which do you like least?

How legible is the logo - how easy is it to read the company name quickly?

What do you think of the colors?

How does it compare to logos for other creatives?

What qualities does the logo express?

Thanks very much for your time! – Kathy Piersall,
A Blue Moon Arts

from my POV, i need a little more background on what the branding direction is, the intent behind the use of either device (circles or elipses) and your design intent in terms of ‘look and feel’ that links to the brand…

it’s tough to give feedback looking only at form without understanding your design intent and the ideas behind the forms


I like the middle one the best. It is the easiest to read but the colors are throwing me off. I would stick to one color and since blue is in the name, why not use blue.

I decided I would try it. Sort of boring but I think visually more pleasing.
Again I agree with beesign. It is hard to judge not knowing background of company or project.
Good Luck

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator.

Target markets are, in order of importance:

  1. Publishers of newsletters, small magazines, guides / directories, etc.
  2. Small business owners
  3. Ad agencies, in-house marketing communication departments, and independent advertising or design consultants

I provide a blend of creativity and practical thinking, a combination of the right brain and left brain. I strive to finish projects on time and within budget.

I can handle design and illustration projects that clients either can’t or won’t handle themselves.

Hope this helps.

Checked your site. Looks like you do graphic arts and design for hire. In that case, the flow of the middle one feels more artful. Plus, I like the “hidden” infinity.

Also, I assume that you’ve planned for all the print methods and media types, but I thought I would make sure by bringing it up…


I am partial to the third one. Especially if you are doing publishing, print related stuff. It definately looks typical for that area, although, maybe typical is not what you are going for.

well since you are reaching out to people who are familiar with your craft, showing technical skill is important, but showing creativity is also of value. Another thing is that logos tend to get overdesigned. It is afterall only a logo, and should be eye catching and memorable, but not so clever it becomes annoying. I personally favor simple treatments, but again, it depends on what audience you want to reach out to the most. I like the moon idea, it has a whimisical feel with the placement of the type.

One question about the name though, is ‘a blue moon’ referring to how much work you do, as in once in a blue moon?- no insult intended, but something to think about. What does the name mean to others…Also, the word ‘arts’ seems to connote that it could be just about anythying related to arts, dancing, acting, photography, fine art etc…

The colors seem to work for the moon version, but could be a bit dated over time, maybe brighter colors, closer to primary, to make the logo pop?

hope that helped-

i like A1 but also A2 but not the green colored type. If you would change the type to white on A2 i think it would work alot better

julie b

thats what i was thinking about A1, the white lettering could be more of a pale harvest moon yellow, thereby avoiding straight grayscale. the lettering needs a bit of fit adjustment, its awkward to see the white letters just barely leak into the white backround.
the others dont have the same punch and simplicity

my two cents: the A’s are much better than the B’s, for in the B’s the “arts” looks like an afterthought. and the “A” does not convey “a blue” the phrase is kinda broken. (looks like “A” grade).
A1 is more visually appealing than A2, because of the unlkely colour combination chosen. i took the liberty of foolin around with your concept.

when “blue moon” is of the same font size the “once in a blue moon” phrase seems connoted. try different font sizes. (i used a larger “arts” to emphasise your key concept (no?)
hope this doesn come too late