Feedback on Footwear (only Facebook users unfortunately)

hi there, im an aspiring footwear designer, just doing my final project for my Product Design degree for which I need feedback from 16-35 year old females with a passion for fashion and shoooes, as I assumed there might be some in this fabulous group of ours, could you please go to Redirecting... if you are eligible and give me your feedback?> Not too sure if it works if you dont have a facebook account, but its worth a try!

Much appreciated as always :smiley:

I’d really REALLY appreciate it if you did look at the designs to maybe leave some feedback on the wall as this is what I need for my degree project feedback. Don’t feel you have to say a lot, and if you’d rather write it on here rather than facebook you are of course more than welcome :smiley:

Thank you!

you might get a better reply if you posted your stuff here for comment. No need to go through the hassle of signing into facebook, etc. Plus, I think your stuff is only visible if they friend you which people might not be interested in doing to a complete stranger.


thanks rkuchinsky, id forgotten you could upload images to here! The only problem is that I will have to severely edit what I put up as I have uploaded 20 images to the facebook group, and think that would perhaps be too much here, unless I put it in a pdf?

You dont have to add me as a friend at all, its an open group which means anyone can join and invite others to join, and i wont be able to access your information other than what you have posted on the wall (which I think you have to join the group before you can write on the wall) but dont worry, we will be as elusive to each other as before!