Feedback on design and portfolio layout please

Just trying to put together a portfolio need advice on the layout.

second page

Will you be adding a page of sketches? Looks fine except there’s nothing to show how you ended up with the final version.


first, what page format is this? Even if you are distributing this digitally, it is a huge time saver to make the layout easily conform to a standard page size so that you can print them out or anyone receiving them can print them out without scaling and/or adding all kinds of white space.

Also, you need not be restricted to whole page sizes. Your layouts could span two pages, (legal, letter, tabloid) right now you are @ 8x16 which I’d print on tabloid. Just a consideration.

second, your font on the right is yucky. it looks “default.” I think it could use less leading a bit lighter, and maybe something other than helvetica/arial ?

ok im getting mixed feedback from your response…I understand it could be printed on tabloid (11 x 17) and i did design it to a digital portfolio. So if it fits on a printed tabloid do you think it will be a problem from the white space? I could redo my portfolio to 11 x 17 completely if you think it will be beneficial.


Not that what you did is wrong, just as long as you are aware and there is intent, not different for different sake (and all the small, yet additional complexity that goes with managing a non-standard size portfolio), that’s all I’m trying to say.

If you’re already done, leave it and see how it works for you. You’ll learn a lot by creating and revising your portfolio, and showing it to people.