Feedback on CV, Portfolio and Cover Letter...


Would it be possible for some of you to give me feedback on my CV, mini portfolio etc, if you are happy to do this could you PM your email address to me and I’ll email you the files.

Hope thats ok, thanks.


why don’t you post them up for all to see? I had a quick look at your site, nice a simple to use. I would be bit more ruthless with your portfolio selection as you got a sweet footwear rendering next to some dodgy camera drawing…which I imagine you did before the footwear one.

Referring to this image:

The majority of your CAD renderings look dry as hell, and I would only put on your best work

Thanks, could you expand pnm what you mean by ‘as dry as hell’ for me, problem is that most of those renderings were done at UNI, and although I could probably do them better now, I don’t have the programs :frowning:

ok, I’m being a bit vague but I’m referring to the look of the overall image, which looks like you picked the standard materials and lighting set up with out too much consideration or perhaps knowledge of how to get a computer rending looking sweet as. It lowers the standard of your portfolio which I think should only contain your very best work.

A bit of an unfair comparison but lets take your rendering:

Compared to Dustin Brown

the later has got great lighting and the form really comes across. A good book to give you some general rendering info is: ‘Digital Lighting and Rendering’ (Amazon)

also Dustin Brown’s gnomon DVD is pretty sweet:[/url]

Ahh, I get you, and I should really redo these, I know that I could do these better now.