Feedback of users of the new Wacom Cintiq 21UX?


I have not seen any reviews of the new Wacom Cintiq 21UX. I did see some comments on the Art forums, but it wasn’t very detailed. I have had my 21UX for a little over a year and a half and I am really loving it. It has upped my productivity and revised my sketching style. It made me love sketching again!

So I am curious if any ID guys here can shed any light on the newer model with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity? And is the resolution on the LCD improved? I hear it’s increased.

I’m really tempted to do an upgrade, but I won’t do it unless you really feel a difference. I like the idea of lower pressure and a lighter line. I’ve dialed in a custom pencil in Sketchbook Pro that works well, but I’d be curious if it can closer mimic the feel of a real pencil!

Insights are much appreciated.

Only played with it at a conference, doesn’t seem nearly worth the upgrade cost if you already have a 21UX. I don’t think you’ll substantially notice any difference in the overall feel with the increased sensitivity.

The touch strips on the back are nice (I always inadvertently rub the right one with my arm so I have to leave it disabled) and so are the extra buttons. The resolution is exactly the same. Other then that it’s pretty much just small tweaks like the base being able to hold the extra nibs.

So it’s a nice product, but not worth the upgrade unless you can pawn yours off on Ebay for a good chunk of change. I also think they’re very hard to find in stock right now.

Thanks for posting your impressions. I had a feeling the increased sensitivity might not be too noticeable. I will try to test one myself just to satisfy my curiosity. I use Sketchbook Pro mainly and Photodhop, but Painter may benefit from the increase in sensitivity.

Best regards.