feedback needed!!!

hi guys!
my name is Mario, i’ m new on this site
i’m a fashion design student, this is my second year,
so i haven’t much experience in the footwear field yet,
but i hope to be part of it a.s.a.p!
this is my concept for the Sprandi competition, i passed the first round eliminatory with it and
I’d like to know what you guys think about it, so
feel free to comment!! :confused:
Please help me find out what’s might be wrong…

Tank u all in advance! :wink:

sweet! ithe way you used the cushioning setup is pretty dope. noticed is that comparatively, the views of the outsole and the top view look more detailed & polished than the profile views. the other thing is that the placement of your logo is overlapping the band and it looks as if it is floating rather than on the shoe…

thanx for your comment, jbrodda,
i’ll make the mesh in the sideview more visible, enlarging the texture
in order to make the overall look more realistic…

for the logo… is true… i still got to solve it…
thank u again…
p.s. i’ve seen your exo trainer concept… real cool!