Feedback needed for a poster I created

Hey Keven,

I’d say the biggest issue here is typography and the use of hierarchy/legibility of the type throughout the poster.

Everything is condensed in such a small box that the typeface is way to small to be legible. Try to break out of that box and use the freedom of the page to drive these typography decisions.

Hope it helps,

You image “behind” the wave reads as 4 images: A light gray vertical rectangle to the left of the type, a white box with type, a gray square to the right of the type and an image of people below. It is way too cluttered and my eye goes everywhere. New image or no image.

The model is a cliche.

The man’s arm/phone is awkward and is obviously photoshop.

The gap between the chair and your right border creates tension for no reason.

And as Pb pointed out, your type has no hierarchy and its block form does not play well with the dynamic wave.