Feedback HERITAGE OF SANG IL creative designer portfolio :)

I am looking for feedback from you
and i want to bec0me independent designer as freelancer
and finding a job for creative studio


welcome any constructive feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Sang Il,
Is there some place you’d like us to start? Are you more concerned about your website design or your industrial design?

First impressions:
I think you could benefit from a landing page that gives a brief description of what you mean by “Heritage of Sang Il”
Overall your website is very unique because it is very busy, almost like an experimental website in my opinion.
However, by being so busy it is hard to understand the motivation for projects or how you got to your final design. Finding a balance between your eclectic style and easy comprehension for the viewer will be key.

Also having a native English speaker help you edit your writing will also help cut down on some of the confusion. I totally commend you for creating a portfolio in your non-native tongue (it’s something I couldn’t do!) but to make it effective you’ll need to clean up some of the grammatical mistakes.

Your designs have a unique and fun aesthetic, I think you’ve got something there. Streamline your web design and you should have a fairly good place to start from.

Hey Sang Il,

I took a look at your website and have some comments that I think could help you out.

It looks like you have a lot of curiosity and interest in a few different disciplines which is good, but I think your website/ portfolio would benefit from editing down and focusing on a few projects. I am having a hard time understanding what kind of designer you are. It seems like you like to do a little bit of everything which will make it harder for an employer to understand which role you would fill on their team.

Right now, you have 40 projects up on the landing page and I feel a bit overwhelmed when I go to your website. Maybe you could try organizing the projects with a drop down menu or categorizing the projects like Yo/ Ditullo does here Michael DiTullo, iconic design for the world's best brands ?

The other opportunity for improvement that I see is editing these projects into a compelling design story. You have a lot of process in a lot of these projects which is great, but it gets a bit overwhelming when I have to sort through 50+ pages and try to understand your thinking and design process. My advice would be to only show what is needed to tell a nice story. Instead of showing 10+ images of a final design at a trade show, show a nice rendering or page of sketches that lead to that final design. That helps an employer understand your thinking and have confidence that you can focus on a problem and execute. Knowing when to take away is just as important as adding and this applies to your portfolio too. I suggest treating each project on your website like a design problem.

Hope that helps!

Thank you now i have fixed English more grammatical and simplified pages

Thank you now i have fixed English more grammatical and simplified pages

I agree with all the above.

The language which you have improved at least isn’t an obstruction to comprehending the projects anymore.

But to repeat, there are way too many projects there and many of them too experimental.
Instead of being the Kanye West of design and trying to build this entire legacy (trying to build a legacy is not the way to build a legacy anyway) it is better to cut the wheat from the chaff, kill off some darlings, and set up a minimal, well-curated, in-depth design portfolio showcasing your major projects and design thinking.

I agree with Joshy, there is something fun and spontaneous in your design thinking, it is best to build on that. You can also go more towards Dutch design, and extend the humor with surprising ways to use material, texture, and user interaction. And focus on the content rather than the presentation layer of the site.