FEEDBACK! > 5th YEAR Product Student, INDIA

Final 5th Year Product Design Student
@ DSK ISD International School of Design, India

My 5th Year Portfolio,
this has got me interviews with MNML, Teague, & Carrefour Design,Fr so far.

I am overhauling this prior to applying for my first real job,
Will be applying to Design Companies or larger Agencies

Need YOUR feedback to improve it!
Please do not hesitate to share all your

•“Constructive feedback”
• “…in my opinion "
•”…WTF i couldn’t understand"!"
•“…hate the ____ "
•”____ could be better"


Instagram is great, but if I wanted to look at your instagram feed, I would like to be able to click on it and scroll through… Instead I have to weed through all of these photos to see any sketches or other work that you might have on here. It wasn’t until my second time on the first page did I even try to click on the “portfolio” link.

I would reformat your website to make it more intuitive on how to get to the actual portfolio.

Your portfolio itself is good… there are a few hidden process video links which is something that I haven’t seen before, but I would caution you to include some images of the process and thinking instead of just a video that might be over looked by prospective employers. Thanks it for now!

Yes I do agree dblaveino, I have updated a “click me” text to the thumbnail as a quick fix,

primary reason why it linked up via tumblr is to keep it out there for anyone & everyone to see, not just people who might be on issuu or have the link & also try out some statistics via google analytics :mrgreen:
Do appreciate the kind words, thanks!

I agree with dbl on the portfolio link. I like seeing the phonography work, but the portfolio should be the center of attention in my opinion. I scrolled past it.

Overall I think it’s a great portfolio. I think the resume (page 2) might be one of my personal favorites ever. It’s clear, it’s informative, it’s engaging. I really enjoyed that.

The portfolio is visually interesting. A little busy, but I still think it works very well. I think the content has a good mix of process and skills. In the resume you rate various sketching abilities, but throughout the portfolio I missed that variety. The video links are a great idea for sharing additional information. I also have to admit that I didn’t really read details in the portfolio because I could see that I had another 40+ pages to look at. ( possible suggestions for the bulk is to reduce the amount of projects, allow viewer to click projects individually, or categorize/index the portfolio). I hope you have a teaser.

Good Luck. Thanks for sharing.