Feed back please?

I need to get this up to snuff, asap. Please let me know what I should look at?

um, not much there to look at…im only seeing one pretty basic project, with a few pages of doodles, and a concept that is pretty much similar as something already on the market…

what do you expect comments on?


Well the project that is up, then when I add more projects…
I thank you for you response, but I never have been a fan of people saying something looks like something else that is already out. I just feel that this mentality leads to logic that is dumb. Like saying almost all automobiles look very similar to each other, we should stop making new designs. This is a true but silly thing to say. Or you can say that almost every chouch looks nearly the same… they do, do you have a point?

I can see what you mean, simon, but there are differences and levels in similarities.
If you only give us this one project to critique than of course we will question the need for that one product.
Why would anybody buy your floss dispenser for their kid instead of the one rkuchinsky posted? What makes your design special?

let me ask you… did you know about the product that rkuchinsky posted when you completed your project?

ps.: I also suspect it’s supposed to be “plan” instead of “plain” in your About section.

i agree that often making comparisons isn’t fair or worthwhile, but as mentioned, there is nothing else really to comment on. little in the way of sketches, process, or diverse projects to get a feeling for your work/skills.

as well, the product i made a comparison to is more similar than saying all cars have 4 wheels, doors, etc. so are the same. it’s an anthropomorphic floss dispenser. pretty specific, if you ask me.

you asked for feedback, and honestly all i could say was what i said. give us more to go, and you’ll get more…


bepster, thanks I get too zoned in and miss typos like that.

R.K, with the feed back you gave me I will be able to do quite a bit from that. It tells me where this is lacking and gives me a loose direction to focus on.

When I did this project originally I had not seen the alessi floss guy. A classmate showed it to me a few weeks later, when he came across it.

“Something that causes people do not floss is forgetting to floss.”
Also not feeling the wording overall.

Presentation just seems to barely skim the surface, not a lot of depth on this one, so that is prompting the responses you are getting (as stated above). Also not sure the graphics are helping.

What drove this shape and form factor, you talk about it being big in size so it can’t be hidden, prompting people to floss. You mentioned making it more “appalling” to look at encouraging user to display item, do you mean appealing? How about more views, an exploded view showing how the you load the floss, where’s the parting lines etc?

I think rK’s comparison is fair, and if you did a competitive analysis this SURELY would have come up, and given your solution should have been cited.

Let’s see more projects with a little deeper process.

I’ve put a few more things up, and touched up the Bouche (flosser) project. I am using this as a ‘teaser’ so I’m keeping it lite. I’m on the fence if I would show the Floss project in an interview. I’m not doubting it, but I think other things perform better when I present them.

more helps. still, overall seems very light and doesn’t show too much in the way of skills/process/thinking.

of course it’s not about quantity, but quality. i’m kinda not getting either from the few images in your portfolio. fill it in a bit, tell a story of one or more of your projects- how you determined the problem, how you developed the solution, sketches, etc.