fcuk "designers"

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“Ikea has now turned its fire on expensive “designer” furniture – and on the pretensions of designers themselves. With its audacious new advertising campaign featuring spoof celebrity designer van den Puup and a made-up protest group called Elite Designers Against Ikea, the flat-pack giant is asking: why spend £3,000 on a celebrity-designed sofa when you can get an equally good one for £300?”

well said

It will just thin the herd a little bit.

tell me where you can buy a “celebrity-designed” sofa for $3000? maybe $13,000

Don’t listen to me but I think it may have something to do with the way they sit. By the way many “designer” sofas are total crap with Roche Bobois in the lead.

It’s also a completely different topic if we’re talking about sofas being designed by celebrities. I would imagine those would really scuk.

Death to celebrity designers! Especially Karim! :imp:

And death to ‘celebrities’ parading around as “designers” - something that is nearing an epidemic in the furniture industry.

How many consumers really think that (insert any TV/Movie/Sports celeb here) can design a worthwhile piece of furniture?

If the stuff won’t sell on its own for whatever reason, is adding a pretty face to the tag gonna make it a great product?

You misspelled fuck.

learn your monetary symbols kid.

I just saw a mtv show about Puff Daddy and after creating an horrible line of clothing he has now a new card in his set… he s a CAR designer… he did a collaboration with Lincoln for a Navigator I think… The designer from Lincoln said working with him was a nightmare… he said it was because P. Diddy was such a perfectionnist but we all know the real reason… hehehe

I think the Design should be left to people who care a bit much more than just the money… and, as things goes along, we’ll get better product which will be well adapted to the public

tagging a Celebrity’s name do sell and that’s what’s scaring me… there’s Ralph Lauren Paint for walls… what’s next ?? Prada pan cakes ?

…companies spend decades and hundreds of millions developing brand images like the matag repairman (a joke)…marketing types see celeb designers as a cheap and quick buy-in…they are sooo smart!

I guess you guys mean this

by celebrity designers, I mean, I guess you have all seen this but, I haven’t read any comments in this thread, so there it goes.
It is a sad life for us. :blush:

Puffy, teamed with Weld Wheels in Kansas City, just also came out with a line of DUB’s. Nothing really special, but they have the Sean John Name on them!