FBI Internet Access Shut Down Warning

I don’t pay attention to the news much, and I wasn’t aware that there was a threat, let alone that it was publicized in April…

The FBI is not going to shut down your computer but the server that it may have been hijacked to operate through. Once that server is down your computer’s access to the internet will cease.

Is anyone else familiar with this issue?

PC users infected with a strain of malware called DNSChanger will face their own personal Internet doomsday in July unless they disinfect their computers, the FBI warns.

Users have until July 9 to rid themselves of the DNSChanger malware, which can infect Windows PCs and Macs alike. After that, the FBI will throw a switch that prevents infected computers from accessing the Internet. _ PCWorld


There is a link that you can click which will check and inform you if your computer is accessing the proper server or not.

It’s legit but it only affects a few hundred thousand councils in the us