Favourite pieces of all time!

Thought this would be an interesting topic…what are some of your favourite pieces of furniture ever designed?


-panton chair
-Jacobsen’s Egg chair
-Aarnio’s Ball and Bubble Chair

call me mainstream, but those pieces are fresh!

I’ll post more…


Pratone seat object (“Lawn”)
Gruppe Sturm
year: 1966

George Nelson, American
Designed 1956
Production: 1956 - c. 1965
Manufacturer: Herman Miller Furniture Company, Zeeland, Michigan
Size: 77 cm x 131.5 x 80; seat height 42 cm
Material: varnished steel tubing, aluminum, vinyl cusions

They are similar in a way.

and no matter how much you like the ball and bubble chairs I think this guy might like them more… (321 images of them from various places)


probably the nicest leg detailing of ALL TIME!

Eames DAW chair ("D"ining table height chair "W"ooden legs)

some fav’s:

Reitveld’s Red Blue chair. From a historical standpoint that chair cleared the path for other early modernist classics. Marcel Breuer’s(who a few years later developed the Wassily chair)early work mimics the Red Blue.

Most anything done by the Eames’. The amount of research and development that went into every project is impressive. Every furniture design student should be required to do a research paper on Charles and Ray.

Starck’s Louis Ghost armchair for Kartel. Sure, the guy can be a self-promoting blowhard. The fact that the chair is made from a single injection mold speaks of its technical innovation.

Ross Lovegrove’s Go chair. I’m not sure if it was ever produced. Injection molded magnesium alloy. Beautiful organic form.

Marcel Wanders’ Knotted chair. Nice post-modern subversion combining technology and craft.

Some of my all time favourites:

  • Morrison’s “Ply Chair” for Vitra, “Thinking Man’s Chair”
  • Wegner’s “Round Chair”, “Wishbone Chair”
  • Ron Arad’s “FPE” chair
  • Herman Miller - Aeron Chair
  • Jacobsen’s “Egg Chair”
  • Shiro Kuramata “How High the Moon”
  • Jorge Pensi’s “Toledo”
  • Gio Ponti’s “Superleggera”
  • Aalto’s “No. 43” Chaise lounge

that’s enough for now, athough there are plenty more on my list.

Just a few of my faves in the mass produced over priced chair category

go chair


dr no


ant chair

My long standing two favorites will always be:

  1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman: Someday I"ll be irrational enough to buy one of these just so I can sit in it everyday after work and smoke a cigar while I drink Jameson on the rocks. It’s quite simply timeless and the epitomy of the period.

  2. Panton Chair: There aren’t many forms that get as graceful as this when it comes to chairs.

It’s been said that anyone can look sexy sitting in the Barcelona chair:

Let’s not forget…

The Wassily is still my favorite. It’s soooooooooo comfy. Especially on your lower back. Genius I tell you!

As far as favorite chairs go:

  • Morrison’s Ply Chair
  • Aalto’s 406 Armchair
  • Kjaerholm’s PK series
  • Lovegrove’s Go chair

I have a soft spot for Scandinavian modern case peices; Krenov is a favorite as well.

Funny these should be posted together. The Barcelona chair had to be the most uncomfortable chair around. I would rather relax in the aeron chair although it is a task chair then kill my back on the Barcelona.

Davis Recliner - extravagant design and well thought-out function.

I’ve been a seating designer for four years. After exhaustive study and much reflection, here are mine.

  1. tree stump
  2. Milk crate
  3. misc. flooring
  4. grass
  5. beach
  6. floor of a yert in the outer steps.

Form is nothing.

About the Lovegrove Magnesium chair, two things: It looks much better in photo than in real, and it is BLOODY heavy.
These are technically not chairs, but here they go:


This one is a chair


Those are high class, and I would feel like a Caesar on them (especially the two first ones). :sunglasses:

I’m very partial to the karuselli chair, I like it even better than the Eams Lounger.

This one is my favorite, really old school klismos chair.

Stickley Mission

Ghyczy GN2

Yo-Yo coffee table

also the Cinova Elle couch by Iosa Ghini, but I couldn’t find a picture

I wonder why it is that every designer loves the barcelona?

particularly intrigued by the concept of a “day bed”

i don´t even catch enough sleep at night…

the cafeteria in my college had those:

until people started to adopt them.

the unsung hero, perfect place to dream of the beach

right now I am targeting my butt at one of those