Favourite book?

I’m reading Dyson’s autobiography at the mo & finding it fascinating. I’m thinking about the next book to read after. So what’s your favourite inspirational/informative book that’s benefitted you as a designer?


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Francis D. K. Ching

Frank Ching. I hadn’t heard of him before. Any book in particular? And how has it benefitted you?

What specifically design are you into?

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@TomJones: I’m interested in most areas of design. I think it will be best to hear only about books that have had a big impact on you, and how. Maybe ones that have taught you valuable information on running your business, or perhaps non-design books that have given you a different outlook to life, bettering your design.

I have to say, the Dyson biography is very inspiring and it’s good to hear he shares my opinions in many ways. A great read for anyone freelancing in any creative field, and how to overcome such obstacles. I wish I had read it when I was much younger. Another, though very different, of mine is Daniel Simon’s ‘Cosmic Motors’. I’ve always loved conceptual vehicle design and photoreal visualisation, and find this book really aspirational. Purely visual …but that works too.

@Lmo: It’s picked up interest now, and it’s a very valid and useful topic on design. I’d appreciate it if was moved back to the correct sub-forum.

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Now I am reading Charlie Chaplin biography book- Very interesting.

I usually love writing. Hence, I have chosen my career to spend rest of the time as a writer. Previously, I was a researcher at University. I would like to recommend the book Coming to Writing and Other Essays by Helene Cixous, a French Writer. The book, which is a collection of six essays, has been edited by Deborah Jenson.

I recommend this book for all.

Steve Jobs: A Biography and still Lord of the rings

Now i am reading “The monk who sold his ferrari” by Robin Sharma

I am going on a trip to Japan today and will be reading Sprint written by guys from Google Ventures, about their process to develop product ideas and concepts and test them in one week.
By the way, Goodreads.com is an excellent platform for sharing, reviewing and managing your book collection.

just finished ‘the art of racing in the rain’ by Garth Stein coming back from Chicago. Definitely one of my top 3 books

Less and More - The design ethos of Dieter Rams I would highly recommend it.

https://www.amazon.com/Less-More-Design … ieter+Rams

and if you splurge and pay more the paper it is written on provides a whole different level interaction experience… but in turn i dont let people with grubby hand use it :wink:

Does anyone know any good books on running shoe design?

This book isn’t related to design, but it is worthy to read it. It made me think about different things, including business and human’s feelings. It is called “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Fantastic book!

My favorite book right now is “What’s Best Next” by Matthew Perman