favorite weather proof boots

What is your favorite weather proof boot this year?

really classic good leather riding boots that i made my own by adding a huge satin ribbon instead of the normal laces (lacing is on the back of the shaft).

Nike Ecrof. :wink:

I am liking these right now…

Merrell CONNEX

Medium Objectivist

My thing is that we have a messy winter in Chicago and “All Weather” doesn’t always mean ankle deep (or knee deep) slushy muck proof.

I need something that is like the old school rubber boots but looks nice… hmm…

BTW- like the nikes Yo

I will always love my Blundstones!

No Damn Laces!

can’t go wrong with some classic Blundstones:

I’m trying to get my hands on a pair of these:

Cole Haan Maxwells, seem sealed, made with a waterproof waxed suede, and witha Vibram made outsole unit.

I still think these rock!

Eastern Block edition with felt lining…