Favorite Tools/Programs

What programs do you use in order to complete your work?

For me - I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Rhino or Alias.

My favorite tools are my scalpel and my calipers

paper, pencil, pens, markers, illustrator, photoshop.


scalpel, eh?

I hope I don’t ever end up at your company!

3D quick modelling is a good draft out work.

Computers help you to sort your 3D ideation in details.

Am wondering how many designers actually use Mac book pro, especially when people are also using Rhino which is window based.

I actually just bought a Mac and I’m in the midst of running both OS so I cause use Rhino on it.

tsr, how much did you spend on the mac ? Is it worth the change ?

I got the MacBook… spent around 1600 on it… I got a few upgrades - like memory.

I haven’t loaded it on there… so I can’t answer yet! I just downloaded the BootCamp for it though.

tsr, can I assume you are not buying the Mac book Pro ?
I have always thought designers buy only the Mac book pro because of the graphics card.

mk1 skull filler, foam, glue and a spoon.

joking here but are you making a frankinstein ?

joking here but are you making a frankinstein ?

no joke, i use my brain most, any tool or material at hand to do the mockup. I am not a picture type, mock it up and see how it feels, in my experiance pretty pictures lead you down the wrong path more often than not, however mockups rarely lie.

very true. 3D mock ups are the real thing. But to some people, using clay, foam , other than the PC, seems ‘backwards’.

hey, I was merely joking about frankinstein… nothing personal ok…

ps: zippy are you an academic ?


my left hand

And you keep your right hand free for…???


here I thought you might keep that hand free for kung fu fighting…

for the juno chop