Favorite School Project

Hello All-
I had a quick question for everyone… When you were in school what was your favorite project that was assigned and why? For example:

My third year we were assigned a quick three class project to create a product for ACME manufacturing. We were only to create products that ACME could manufacture. Their core manufacturing processes were metal stamping, metal bending metal, and basic wood working. Also we were told that ACME was looking to get into the home organization market.

What I liked about it and still like is the constraints. The timing was tight, the manufacturing processes were dictated, and there was a client. It was pitched to the class as a very real world scenario.

Please feel free to share thoughts on this.

One of the projects I really liked was a freshman year 3d project to design and build a complete chess set.

yo: thats funny, i rememebr turning an acrylic pawn last year… learned lots on that one. did you sculpt and cast the peices?

My favorite project was fitting a new product into an existing product line.

Cool thanks guys keep them coming

favorite project in school was my final year project. it was relatively open in terms of scope, an i proposed a product that enabled emotional communication over distance.

“Why talk if you can touch?”

Exploring the future of interpersonal communication across distance. Touch contains emotional content. In interpersonal relationships, well defined but abstract expressions of emotion are best communicated through touch…in conventional communication devices, much of this emotional content is lost.

connecTOUCH, uses technology to address the human need for emotional communication. Facilitating emotional communication and the associated human psychological and emotional benefits, connecTOUCH provides a means to continue interpersonal emotional contact within relationships across distance.

Through interaction with a shared physical object, remote emotional communication can be realized, allowing users to better express their feelings and stay connected. Designed for daily use between couples connecTOUCH enables constant physical and emotional contact. With each user in control of a tactile ‘Interaction Disc’, housed inside a soft hip bag, collaborative emotional communication is possible. Controlling the speed, and direction of rotation of the disc, as well as applied pressure, users create a shared interaction experience; the speed, resistance and shape of the Disc a result of the applied input of both devices.

in recent years there have been quite a few similar concepts, but at the time the project strayed pretty far from the course and standard ID fare at least in the school (Carleton ID). The project was almost rejected at the proposal stage and I had a good time fighting the faculty for acceptance, and digging up research from MIT and other academic institutions to prove the viability and founding principles of the concept.

some of the final use cycle visuals-


We did a Chess set at CCS this year too, though it wasn’t really a design piece, more of an art piece. It’s strange how different programs can be so similar.
I’m only a freshman so I don’t have much to choose from but I made a lamp and a cash register last semester. Those were pretty interesting, my lamp didn’t come out very well though.