Favorite quick sketch pen?

there’s a commom message resounding here… just use bic. it doesn’t make sense to hunt down the best pen from the far reaches of Mongolia for quick sketching. bics are economical, versatile, easy.

BIC is okay, but I’m all about the Paper Mate meduim, either blue or black. I prefer the flow and the line quality to what I can get out of a BIC.

I wouldn’t waste my time with a “designer” pen. Get good at using a BIC or a Paper Mate, and you’ll never look back.

Old school Pilot Razor Point
Always good

Sharpie Fine Point
Yes, the big one. Lately I have been into it. Drawing bigger and fast… :smiley:

I use Zebra ink, it’s Japanese brand. Super smooth.

Sharpie extra fine point (leave the cap off for a couple hrs)- I use this for my early concepts and if i know im going to be hanging things up

Contour Pen - Those retractable pens you get for free as a promotional ploy. They have the triangular grip, they’re pretty fat, and have some goofy slogan written on um. Also great for quick concepts and dif. line weight. Did I mention they are usually free?

I use rotring trio pen, it stores three in one (two ball point colors and one lead), it has the right weight to the hand, and the rotring refill is sharp and precise.
I do like bics on the other hand. Nevertheless I am not really nerdy about it, and usually sketch with whatever is at hand.

I just use whats in my drawer. Sometimes its a pen, sometimes its a marker, and sometimes its a pencil. I just grab what I can to get my ideas out.


Come to think of it, today I’m using a Spongebob Squarepants mechanical pencil. I think the lead is 1/8" dia.


i’m finding one of those copic 0.05 felt tips pretty good. it’s fine enough for doing lots of construction lines, but most importantly, it doesn’t run or bleed when you add markers to it the way most other biros and felt tips do. they’re pretty expensive though.

i bought a faber castell e-motion motif pen (solid black) a few weeks ago and it sketches fine.


I’m rather new here, and I’ve been sketching for quite a while, more for leisure and idea generation.

What works for me are draughting pencils, and particularly Pentel’s automatic pencils that comes in a 4mm fixed sleeve. If I’m not wrong, I am currently using the ‘Sensi-grip’(0.7), and sometimes ‘Sharp’(0.3). When it comes to pens, I tend to favour crow-quill nibs albeit a little tedious. I have been trying to find Copic brush pens (S size) but to no avail.

I’ve played around with clutch pencils, but you gotta carry the sharpener around to keep a sharp point.


I started using a clutch pencil again. It’s very organic, and a bit messy. I have little books of sandpaper by my desk and a block of foam to work with. While sketching you interact very closely with the slowly-blunting point, which affects the way you get the ideas down. Have a few sitting around so you can vary lead softness. Also, the things can be had for $1 at flea markets as all those old engineer’s estates hit the block. I have very nice vintage lead holders in my collection.