Favorite quick sketch pen?

When you want to make a quick pen sketch or doodle, what pen do any of you guys prefer if any? Brand and model?

At the moment, I’m liking this Sanford Uni-ball Grip Micro. Ink doesn’t flow too fast so that I can control line width fairly good by how much pressure I give it, from really thin wispy lines to a decent thick/bold single pass line.

bic round stic medium.

Sweet, sweet Pilot Fineliners.

Yeah, I actually like bics too. You can “feel” or ghost your line before really layin’ it down. Better shading also; with the uni-ball, shading is sometimes like an on/off switch.

HighMark MEDIUM c990C…sketches with a very light tone, its a BP pen like a bic but doesnt bleed, has a smaller BP than a BIC, and unfortunately, the company went out of business a long time ago, and I found this pen rummaging through an old storage cabinet at my company and can longer buy anymore! sucks, so i protect it like its gold =(

Yeah, these are good stuff…problem is they just don’t last long. Can easily blow thru a box in no time!

bic! fine point. the best nine cents you’ll ever spend.

I’ve always been a big fan of the pilot razor point series. Especially if you like doing very fine line work.

Pilot V5

Kind of off topic, I guess, since I don’t sketch with a pen. I use any cheap .5 propelling pencil I can find, and use coloured leads (red & blue, but only one of the two for each sketch). Coloured leads don’t only look good, but also have a very different feel to the gray/normal ones.

My favorite is the Zebra JIMNIE Fine 0.7. They’re a little hard to come by at stores- but you can usually get them online. I tend to sketch small, so fine lines are good to get those little details in.

If it’s a really organic shape- I like pencils though. Mostly indigo blue Prismacolor Verithins- they stay pretty sharp and you can get lots of contrast out of 'em.

I also like to draw with a 6H drawing pencil for ideations-- stays sharp for SO long, and its really light- which is kind of nice when you’re trying to come up with a neat form. Then you can go back and darken/tighten up the ideas you like with a pen.

I like to sketch with sharpies sometimes too, if i think i’ve been sketching a little too tight. The ones with the fine/ultra fine dual tips.
Wow I had more to say than I thought… haha.

Black paper mate medium points on yellow lined office pads are my fav for ideas. The blue and red lines make the whole thing so funny. I once tried to take this idea a step futher and started printing designs on the yellow gooodness… and that was the day when I realized that I had completely lost it.

i like the sound papermate lubriglide 1.0 makes on a sketch book.

i also have two types of pelikan fountain pens. i got an old original pelikan i think it’s from fifties. it’s grey with a gold cap and tip. i was walking in the street one day in tehran and ran into this pen shop. i started talking to the guy and told him i’m a designer so he showed me his private collection. he had a lot of old fountain pens, this one grabbed my attention. i asked him to show it to me, so he took it out of its box and told me it’s one of a kind and has never been used. i took a look at the tip it had a very nice broad shape and told him i like it so he said ok i’ll sell it to you for half price- it’s your lucky day because i’m closing the shop and you know about pens! he was right it’s an excellent pen, better than the montblanc, parker, and all the other stuff i used before.

and i got a new cheap pelikan i bought in iran for almost $4.50. that’s very good too.

Just about any pen from Uniball.

Bic, roundstic med black!
I buy 'em in bulk.

Micron Pigma, close to $2 each but worth it.

.005 is very forgiving when feathering sketches.
Then .03 or .05 to finalize curves and lines.

Alvins are sweet as well. They have a different unique tint to the black ink.

These two brands of pens MAKE you draw well.
Ball points never did it for me…

My favorite pen is my stylus for my Toshiba Portege M300 in conjunction with Alias Sketchbook Pro.


there’s always one…

staedler makes a ball point that i happen to like very much, one other nice thing was the fact that per pen its a little cheaper then the pilot razor’s. anyone know of a nice fountain for this same application

starting out, i went pen crazy buying any pen i could find thinking it might be the magical one.

i’ve come to my senses and realized that magic can be found in packs of 12 for 98 cents in a yellow box. They’re called Bics.